• Introducing the signature sibling candle set. Two individual vegan soy hand candles scented with Madagascar and lavender essential oils which come together to connect in a pinky promise, replicating our brands logo.


    Each candle is made of 150g of wax each, with dimensions of 17cm x 14.5cm x 12cm making them the perfect decorative candles. 


    Each soy-wax candle is hand poured individually, making each piece unique. Please note that for this reason, little imperfections (such as small air bubbles), slight variations in colour and irregularities may be expected and do not affect the scent or quality of the product.

    We would reccomend to use our candles for decorative purposes however if you do choose to burn them:

    • Always keep the candle on a heat safe plate or a candle holder. Keep away from combustible materials/things.
    • Keep away from draughts.
    • Do not leave lighted candles in unattended places and out of the reach of pets or children.
    • Do not burn for more than 60 minutes at a time.

    Sibling Signature Candle Set

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